PEORIA, Ill. – With the Illinois State Police (ISP) expected to install highway cameras in Peoria County later this year, state Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, D-Peoria, is highlighting recently released data that shows ISP is now identifying relevant individuals in 82% of highway shootings.

“These new cameras are helping law enforcement investigate and solve cases involving highway shootings, carjacking and vehicle theft,” Gordon-Booth said. “We need to make sure that our roadways are safe, and these cameras are helping communities address highway shooters effectively and in a timely manner.”

In 2022, Gordon-Booth supported House Bill 4481 which authorized ISP to begin expanding its use of highway cameras around the state. Highway shootings peaked in 2021, and have been decreasing as more automatic license plate readers have come online. As chief budget negotiator in the Illinois House, Gordon-Booth fought to secure funding for interstate cameras as well as local license plate readers to assist the Peoria Police Department in its efforts.

“License plate readers have been a game changer for the Peoria Police Department,” Peoria Police Chief Eric Echevarria said. “They have allowed us to gather information quicker than in the past, and provide investigative leads that we otherwise may not have gotten. The Illinois State Police have been outstanding partners in Peoria’s effort to reduce crime. Interstate cameras will continue to allow us to work with the Illinois State Police in our efforts of reducing crime.”

According to ISP, in 82% of interstate shootings this year automated license plate readers have helped to identify an individual involved in or who witnessed the shooting. In fatal interstate shootings, 100% of incidents have had a relevant individual identified.

Most cameras are presently installed in the Chicagoland area, but ISP began installing cameras in Champaign, Morgan and St. Clair Counties last year. Peoria County is in line for camera installation in 2024, as well as Bureau, Lake, Macon, Madison and Winnebago Counties.

These highway cameras are not used for petty offenses such as speeding.,

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