SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Reforms that cut costs for local families, smart investments in public safety, and measures to improve educational outcomes are among the priorities state Rep. Janet Yang Rohr, D-Naperville, is highlighting from the recent spring legislative session. 

“We shouldn’t have to choose between a compassionate state that invests in the resources that help people be their best and a smart state that manages our tax dollars effectively—we need to be both,” Yang Rohr said. “That’s why my work has focused on cutting costs for families, keeping our community safe, and expanding opportunity for young people, while making smart long-term budgetary decisions to build a stronger Illinois.”

Continuing her effort to rebuild Illinois’ fiscal house, Yang Rohr passed a new state budget that looks line-by-line through spending to cut nearly $75 million in administrative costs in order to invest state resources in services local families value while growing the state’s rainy day fund. Yang Rohr prioritized new investments in early childhood education which will create new opportunities for 5,000 of Illinois’ youngest learners, $350 million more for elementary and secondary schools, and additional access to college financial aid such as MAP Grants. 

Yang Rohr prioritized public safety in the state budget, making smart investments in community-based approaches to violence prevention while also taking steps to ensure police have the resources they need to combat crime. Yang Rohr voted to hire and train 200 new state troopers, and help local departments recruit and retain officers. As suburban libraries and religious organizations also see increasing threats of violence, Yang Rohr worked to create new protections for library workers, and new state resources to combat hate crimes.  

Yang Rohr also passed major reforms to help cut the cost of living. A new $50 million child tax credit will help families raising young children face rising costs, while a $10 million state investment will eliminate $1 billion in family medical debt. Yang Rohr also voted to eliminate a state sales tax on groceries, and give local governments more tools to get serious about property tax relief. 

“I know how frustrating it can be when factors we cannot control have such an impact on our families’ budgets, that’s why my focus is on what Illinois can do to provide some relief right now,” Yang Rohr said.  

Continuing her efforts to help keep young people safe, Yang Rohr also expanded comprehensive anti-fentanyl curriculum to middle school science classes, ensuring students know the dangers of the lethal drug. 

“Fentanyl overdoses afflict communities everywhere, so we doubled down on our commitments to educating our youth on this life-threatening drug,” Yang Rohr said. “My bipartisan legislation will make sure an informative coursework can help us all prevent unnecessary loss of life.” 

Yang Rohr passed legislation ensuring schools have the tools they need to stay ahead of the growing threat of AI-based cyberbullying, in which generated sexually explicit imagery is used to bully, intimidate, and humiliate students. 

“This gross misuse of new technology will only grow if we don’t give school districts what they need to address it,” Yang Rohr said. “At any and every age, bullies will exist, but a conducive learning environment is where these problems should be addressed.” 

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