SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – High-quality childcare and early childhood education, affordable healthcare, and a major new child tax credit were among the chief accomplishments by state Rep. Joyce Mason, D-Gurnee, during the most recent legislative session.

“My role as a lawmaker requires laying the foundation to fulfill the potential of the future, while still providing for the present. That was top of mind for me when crafting this budget,” Mason said. “Putting millions into an expanded child tax credit for low-income families, millions more into funding for MAP grants and jobs training, and paying off more than $1 billion in medical debt will provide relief now while giving the necessary financial freedom and opportunities to help all Illinois kids learn.”

The fiscally and socially responsible budget Mason helped pass makes government administration more efficient in order to invest in critical services for families. Mason voted to create a new $50 million child tax credit that will provide assistance to families with young kids who are struggling with rising prices at the grocery store. Mason also supported a healthcare debt relief plan that pays off $1 billion in families’ medical debt, while continuing her commitment to education by securing $350 million in new funding for public schools and millions more to guarantee early childhood education for 5,000 of our youngest learners.

“High-quality childcare and early childhood education are key to a better future,” Mason said. “I took a leading role in streamlining and consolidating care and schooling for Illinois’ kids, while spearheading new solutions to the problems that parents face. We need well-trained, reliable caregivers in our childcare centers, and the work I did will help ensure that happens.”

As the Chairperson of the House Childcare Accessibility and Early Childhood Education Committee, Mason helped pass Senate Bill 1, which streamlines the care and education of Illinois young children by creating the Department of Early Childhood. She also championed House Bill 4412, to guarantee better background checks for childcare facility employees.

“Illinoisans deserve affordable high-quality healthcare,” Mason said. “I put my support behind a measure to crack down on wild premium increases that punish people for getting sick with ridiculous medical bills. Our community can’t build a stronger future when these burdens are weighing families down for years.”

Mason also worked to make healthcare better and more affordable by helping pass the Healthcare Protection Act, which restricts premium increases, step therapy and pre-clearance gimmicks used by big insurance to pad their profits at the expense of patients, and a major birth equity initiative that improves outcomes for moms and babies by expanding insurance coverage of all pregnancy, birth, and newborn services—empowering women to choose a birth plan that works for them.

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