SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Angie Guerrero-Cuellar, D-Chicago, is expanding career opportunities for mental health professionals by passing legislation eliminating non-compete agreements for those who serve veterans and first responders. 

Guerrero-Cuellar championed Senate Bill 2737 which prohibits non-compete and non-solicitation agreements for mental health services that support veterans and first responders. Current agreements would be void if they result in an undue burden on veterans or first responders seeking mental health services from licensed mental health professionals. 

“Ensuring our communities have the personnel ready to aid and save lives is critical, but often you have competing organizations cornering the market and preventing employed personnel from doing their jobs. This puts everyday Illinoisans in danger,” Guerrero-Cuellar said. “Barring non-compete, non-solicitation agreements means more of our professionals can remain in the field, responding to emergencies and protecting us. While it’s unfortunate that some organizations have stifled emergency response, this legislation will make sure these personnel are there when we need them.”

Guerrero-Cuellar worked during this legislative session to support law enforcement and emergency personnel. She partnered with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office to pass Senate Bill 3538, which would ensure municipal governments cover counseling and other resources to meet the mental health needs of first responders. She also passed a reforms package that cracks down on dangerous street racing and side shows, increases reporting on accidents involving school buses and regulates car headlamps (House Bill 5325). 

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