SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Jaime Andrade, D-Chicago, and state Rep. Abdelnasser Rashid, D-Bridgeview, passed legislation Friday to prohibit AI-based discrimination in employment, ensuring Illinois companies remain transparent in hiring practices. 

“With its growing use throughout the economy, AI could easily circumvent well-meaning and effective anti-discrimination measures,” Andrade said. “The House and I are leading the conversation about how we can best protect Illinoisans from unfair use of AI and ever-evolving technologies. We will continue to lead the charge, and I look forward to working with Rep. Rashid on these and other efforts.” 

“There is no excuse for allowing AI-powered systems to make discriminatory hiring decisions,” said Rashid. “I am proud that we are passing legislation to protect workers by banning artificial intelligence systems from considering factors such as race or zip codes in employment decisions. HB 3773 is an important and forward-thinking safeguard on the use of AI technology.”

The Andrade and Rashid-backed House Bill 3773 bans employers, from knowingly or otherwise, using AI to discriminate against people of color or low-credit individuals based on race and ZIP code. Variables can serve as a clue or proxy for a job or credit applicant’s race, resulting in racially biased outcomes. Neighborhoods a person lives in, websites visited, and music preferences would be banned from use in employment or credit applications. 

House Bill 3773 passed on Friday with strong bipartisan support, now awaiting the Governor’s signature. 

Rashid and Andrade partnered before to pass forward-thinking legislation harnessing AI and enforcing best practices. House Bill 3563 convenes public and private sector representatives to create recommendations that protect consumer information, the use of AI in schools services, and more. Andrade passed House Bill 53 in 2021, requiring employers provide applicant demographic information for those advanced, or denied, first-round interviews by AI software. 

Andrade created the Cybersecrity, Data Analytics, & IT Committee, ensuring the House stays aware of evolving technologies. Rashid is a co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence Task Force.

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