SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Lilian Jiménez, D-Chicago, passed legislation securing reproductive and health insurance protections, citing the need for continued solidarity with women seeking reproductive health care across the country.

“Basic principles of healthcare are being eroded everyday by extremist red states and an allying Supreme Court, including legal rights to accessing lifesaving reproductive care through the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act,” Jiménez said. “The lengths to which these far-right figures will go to put women in danger is an abomination, but here in Illinois we fundamentally affirm the right of a woman to get abortion and reproductive care. The Dobbs Working Group and I will continue to use our legislative tools to protect vulnerable pregnant individuals, come whatever the Supreme Court and bordering states do.”

As a member of the House Dobbs Working Group, Jiménez has been critical to securing reproductive health care services.

Jiménez supported measures safeguarding patient health data from out-of-state prosecutors, including reproductive medication and procedure history information (House Bill 5239).

She voted to pass House Bill 5395 which curtails out-of-control gimmicks like ‘fail first’ policies that delay doctor-prescribed care for cheaper alternatives, junk insurance plans that don’t provide meaningful coverage, and unjustified premium increases that pad profits for large insurance companies.

“When an extremist Supreme Court continues to erode basic health protections that have resulted in preventable deaths, we say ‘not here, not ever’,” Jiménez said. “These are just some of the ways we are fighting to make Illinois a midwestern safe haven for abortion care. No amount of Supreme Court overreach will change that fact.”

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