SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, D-Peoria, supported a plan this week aimed at curbing catalytic converter theft by reclassifying catalytic converters as “essential parts” – subjecting them to improved tracking and state record laws designed to address vehicle theft.

“By listening to the Secretary of State and updating how catalytic converter sales are handled, we can take additional steps to eliminate ways for criminals to profit from their theft,” Gordon-Booth said. “Too many vehicle owners have been harmed by these thieves looking to make a quick buck, which is why we need to strengthen rules at junk yards and further cut off opportunities to sell these parts unlawfully.”

Under House Bill 4589, recyclable metal dealers would be required to obtain and maintain additional records during catalytic converter transactions, including the vehicle identification number it was removed from as well as any other specific numbers, bar codes, stickers or unique markings on the part. Recyclable metal dealers must also require a copy of the vehicle’s certificate of title or uniform invoice clearly indicating the seller’s ownership.

Such rules also apply to other vehicle parts defined by the state as “essential.” Applicable items include vehicle hulks, engines, transmissions, fuel tanks and other critical components. The Gordon-Booth-backed plan would also further clarify that catalytic converters can only be sold at licensed recyclable metal dealer locations.

House Bill 4589 received bipartisan support and is now in the Senate for consideration.

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