SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Illinois families are set to benefit from improved and more cost-effective health care coverage through a new initiative supported by state Rep. Eva-Dina Delgado of Chicago. This measure focuses on reducing health care costs and enhancing the quality of care for individuals and families across the state.

“Prioritizing the urgent health needs of our families is essential,” Delgado said. “This legislation directly targets outdated practices that have compromised patient care. By removing pre-authorization requirements, we enable doctors to prescribe the most effective treatments based on medical necessity rather than insurance limitations. We have historically acted to prevent excessive pricing for essential services, and we continue this commitment across all medical procedures and treatments. Despite opposition, I am optimistic about the positive impact these reforms will have on improving health outcomes for everyone.”

The Delgado-backed House Bill 5395 delivers a series of major reforms to make health care coverage better and more affordable. The new Health Care Consumer Access and Protection Act would create a rate review process requiring insurance companies to justify premium increases, and empowering state watchdogs to reject unwarranted hikes that simply pad profits. Additionally, the measure curbs practices insurance companies use to deny access to medically necessary treatments, procedures, and prescription medications; instead, doctors and patients would be empowered to make important medical decisions—not insurance companies. The bill also stops insurance companies from selling inadequate short-term healthcare plans that provide little or no coverage.

Rep. Eva-Dina DelgadoRep. Eva Dina Delgado

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