PLAINFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Harry Benton, D-Plainfield, is helping to recognize individuals dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by moving legislation through the Illinois House of Representatives to have Illinois recognize June 27 as National PTSD Awareness Day.

“People across this state, from veterans, to first responders, to assault victims struggle with PTSD,” said Benton. “This condition not only affects those who live with it, but also their friends, family and other caretakers, and it can be really stressful and overwhelming for them too. That’s why it’s so important for us to acknowledge the people battling this condition, and to take steps to help ensure they are all seen.”

PTSD affects millions of Americans each year, and while it can be developed by anyone who experienced, or was near, a traumatic event, certain groups of people, such as veterans, experience PTSD at higher rates. Benton’s House Bill 4928 aims to promote greater recognition of the effects that PTSD has on individuals. The bill was passed unanimously by the House and now moves to the Senate.

“Anyone can experience a traumatic life event,” said Benton. “What’s important is that after traumatic events we are struggling to cope with, we can count on care and support from our family and community. Part of making sure people across Illinois dealing with PTSD are supported is increasing awareness and understanding of this condition, which I’m hopeful this bill will play a part in doing.”

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