SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — State Rep. Tracy Katz Muhl, D-Northbrook, is using her first legislative session to advance critical measures to make communities safer, make housing more affordable, increase transparency for insurance policyholders, and expand access to reproductive healthcare.

“Our community, and all Illinoisians, deserve innovative, data-driven solutions to their most pressing concerns,” Katz Muhl said. “That’s why I’ve put forth a legislative agenda that’s focused squarely on the issues I’ve heard from my constituents are most important to them.”

Katz Muhl advanced several measures through House committees this month, including:

  • House Bill 5643, which would require health insurance policies to cover at-home pregnancy tests when prescribed by a doctor, reducing barriers including cost, stigma, and convenience for people who can become pregnant.
  • House Bill 5559, which increases transparency between auto insurance companies and their policyholders so that everyone understands exactly what factors went into a decision to total a vehicle involved in a car accident.
  • House Bill 5543, which would give townships more holistic and equitable options for using existing public safety dollars to serve their communities, including additional violence prevention measures, with the greatest impact on unincorporated communities.
  • House Bill 5542, which would expand the eligibility of affordable housing projects for charitable property tax exemptions by removing an outdated requirement that projects be entirely owned by a single non-profit entity. This would encourage nonprofits to partner on affordable housing projects, increasing capacity and access.

Katz Muhl’s bills now await consideration by the full House.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to bring people together to find consensus and amplify the voices of families and communities in my district and statewide,” Katz Muhl said. “More remains to be done and I look forward to continuing that hard work together.”

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