SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Emergency mental health professionals would be guaranteed disability coverage and line of duty compensation under new legislation advanced by state Rep. Lilian Jimenez, D-Chicago.

“As our approach to emergency response and 911 operations includes the invaluable expertise of mental health professionals, these first responders deserve the same health and line of duty coverage as their police, firefighter or paramedic counterparts. While moving this legislation out of committee is only the beginning, I am confident that our efforts to bring equity and a justice-oriented approach to emergency response will prevail.”

Jimenez’s House Bill 5083 amends current legislation creating employee disability, line of duty compensation and public safety benefits to include mental health professionals as employees eligible for benefits. Current law does not include these responders who regularly report to the scene of emergency situations in which their expertise would be most valuable.

House Bill 5083 passed out of the Personnel & Pensions Committee.

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