CHICAGO – With encounters between street racers and law enforcement continuing to go viral on social media, state Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, D-Chicago, is pushing a plan in Springfield that would enable law enforcement to more easily tow vehicles, while also expanding the state’s mob action laws to include illegal street racing, drifting and other dangerous vehicle stunts.

“We can’t ignore the real safety hazard that is created by these large groups shutting down roads to drag race and other dangerous activities,” Ford said. “This isn’t a movie; this is real life. We need to shut down this behavior before more people get injured or killed.”

Ford’s House Bill 1467 would add street racing and drifting to the offense of mob action, increasing penalties and making the conduct a Class 4 felony. Additionally, Ford is looking to expand law enforcement’s ability to tow vehicles involved in illicit street racing.

In recent years, Chicago has seen a rise in late-night street “takeovers” where large groups of people gather to watch drivers race, perform “donuts” and other stunts. In addition to being a significant nuisance to local residents and first responders, these scenes have sometimes led to violence.

“With warmer weather approaching, these incidents are going to likely become more common,” Ford said. “Let’s be proactive in preventing it, and also continue to support alternative, healthier ways our youth can expend their energy.”

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