SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Additional funds collected from music festival tickets would further support park district programs for residents under a plan introduced by state Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, D-Chicago.

“When a large music festival takes place in a public park, it has an impact on the wellbeing of local residents who can’t access the grounds for a period of time, while also having to deal with additional congestion, noise and other issues,” Ford said. “A portion of the funds raised by these private events should be directly reinvested back into the affected park and local community.”

Ford’s House Bill 4951 proposes a 2% tax on admission tickets for organized for-profit concerts in public parks, with funds directed toward the hosting park district to help subsidize programs that ordinarily require a fee for participation. Ford intends for the money raised to directly support neighborhoods that are most impacted by the events, especially those that are lower income.

“Particularly in the summer, our parks are a needed outlet for recreation,” Ford said. “We have some major music festivals here on the West Side, and while there are benefits to hosting, we have to make sure that the local community is respected and that we enhance opportunities for residents of all ages. Further supporting programming would help to do that.”

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