CHICAGOWith many in his community relying on cash to pay for goods and services, state Rep. Edgar Gonzalez Jr, D-Chicago, introduced legislation ensuring that qualifying businesses and restaurants continue to accept cash. 

“This legislation has been a top priority for me for quite some time, because so many in my community rely on cash to pump their gas, pay for groceries and so many other things,” Gonzalez said. “Even in a 21st century society, we have to remember that not everyone has a debit or credit card, but they still deserve to participate in their local economy just the same.” 

Gonzalez’s House Bill 3281 would prevent businesses from refusing service to customers who choose to use cash as a form of payment. Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and restaurants that interact directly with their customers would be required to process cash payments. Businesses would only be exempt from the new law if any of the following pertain to them: the business is temporarily unable to accept cash or convert a customer’s payment into a prepaid card, the business conducts their operations over the phone, or the customer uses a self-service checkout. The legislation is supported by the Illinois Treasurer’s Office. 

“If you’re a senior on a fixed income or don’t meet arbitrary income or credit score requirements, you’re effectively shut out from our economy,” Gonzalez said. “Given that cash payments are vital for the businesses in the district, it is expected for the community to support the General Assembly in order to move forward with this legislation. I look forward to working with my House and Senate colleagues to support countless Illlinoisans.”

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