CHICAGO — Families will benefit from more transparent standards for housing assistance under a new law now in effect from state Rep. Lilian Jiménez, D-Chicago. Jiménez applauded implementation of the new law at the Chicago Coalition for Homelessness’ annual Victory Celebration this week. 

“I am actively advocating for housing opportunities that uplift everyday families. Progressive policies are rooted in the grassroots efforts of our community and advocacy organizations, persistently championing the rights of ordinary families,” Jiménez said., “This legislation is a testament to the enduring strength of people’s influence in our democracy.”

Jiménez’s Senate Bill 1367 ensures that whether a family applies for housing funds for their complex or through a given program, they can have the same expectations and opportunities to receive needed funding as everyone else. Under the former system, eligibility information varied widely based on fund type, applicant qualifications and more. The law also opens up opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals from being barred because of their record. According to data collected by the U.S. Department of Housing And Urban Development, tens of thousands of more people are considered homeless in the U.S., increasing by 12% in 2023. 

“By establishing standardized criteria for public housing, we are dismantling unnecessary hurdles that have historically hindered families from accessing vital assistance, ” Jiménez  said. “The outdated system placed an unjust burden on families, forcing them to navigate complex processes. It is our responsibility on the state side to proactively support our community’s most vulnerable families, reshaping the narrative towards a more compassionate and equitable approach.”

As a first-year member, Jiménez became the Vice Chair of the House Housing Committee, overseeing critical legislation to create more affordable housing, build up protections for renters and homeowners, and secure funding for state-led programs. 

“In my first year as a state representative, I am thrilled to declare that we have fulfilled our commitment to champion working families and their housing requirements,” Jiménez affirmed. “In the face of escalating rents, Springfield must exhibit greater responsiveness. The well-being and prosperity of our people depend on it.”


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