SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The Illinois Humane Society recognized state Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, as a lawmaker fighting for animal rights by awarding her a perfect score on her 2023 Legislative Report Card.

“I was proud to fight to make Illinois a more compassionate state for animal rights, and this recognition from the Humane Society means a lot. In particular, I spearheaded a measure banning the practice of surgical claw removal for cats in non-therapeutic,” Hernandez said. “As a cat owner, I’ve felt the sharp end of my cat’s claws, so I sympathize with people who want to avoid that. But the science is unambiguous: claws are often an essential part of cats living naturally and declawing can result in a substantial loss of quality of life.”

Illinois lawmakers were graded a score out of 100 based on their support of six bills filed during 2023. Hernandez supported all six bills:

  • Senate Bill 1882 bans the abusive practice of toxicity testing on dogs and cats
  • Senate Bill 1883 prohibits the public from coming into direct contact with bears or primates
  • Senate Bill 1230 re-defines a “dog dealer”
  • House Bill 1049 prohibits insurance discrimination based on dog breed
  • House Bill 3236 abolishes financing by lenders for purchasing companion animals
  • House Bill 1533 bans the practice of surgical claw removal, declawing, or tendonectomy on a cat for non-therapeutic purposes

“Animals are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation by people who have no regard for their wellbeing. Without safeguards, that’s going to go unchecked,” Hernandez said. “I am happy to help keep them healthy.”

Rep. Barbara HernandezRep. Barbara Hernandez

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