PLAINFIELD, Ill. — State Rep. Harry Benton, D-Plainfield, is supporting union workers by introducing a bill to restore a tax benefit which was recently taken away by Washington politicians. Benton’s measure would allow workers to deduct their union dues from their state taxes, potentially saving union workers hundreds a year.

“Working families deserve more of our support, not less,” Benton said. “Up until a few years ago, workers could rely on tax deductions on their dues, but federal politicians showed their misplaced priorities by stripping this away to fund tax credits for wealthy insiders. This bill would restore these deductions, which can save workers hundreds a year on their taxes. With families still struggling to regain the economic stability they had pre-pandemic, restoring these deductions can make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Benton’s House Bill 4088 only applies at the state level when tax deductions for union dues do not exist at the federal level. Union dues used to be deductible for federal taxes, but that deduction was removed in 2017.

“Coming from a union family and being union myself, I know the impact these lost deductions can have when trying to make ends meet.” Benton said. “This bill would help make sure that no matter what is going on in Washington, union workers of this state won’t have to worry about keeping access to an important benefit that they deserve.”

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