BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – State Rep. Sharon Chung, D-Bloomington, is fighting to ensure personal medical decisions are made by women and their doctors by urging the U.S. Supreme Court to continue to allow access to critical reproductive health medications.

“I would like to voice my unwaverring opposition to all efforts politicians make to get between patients and their doctors,” Chung said. “Scoring political points by restricting healthcare puts lives at risk, and Illinois will never back decisions to that effect. Along with hundreds of other lawmakers, I call on the Supreme Court to defend the fundamental right to unfettered healthcare and bodily autonomy.”

Chung joined legislators from across the country in signing an advisory brief, also known as an amicus brief, urging the court to reject extremist efforts to restrict access to mifepristone, one of only two medications used to safely end pregnancy and treat miscarriage.

The FDA has approved mifepristone for those who have been pregnant for up to 10 weeks, and it has been used safely for years. If the Supreme Court were to uphold a ruling made by a lower court, then the pill would only be allowed for 7 weeks. Upholding the ruling would also mean taking away the ability for many qualified healthcare professionals to prescribe the drug, and would require patients to have in-person clinic visits at least three times for treatment, instead of through telehealth and mail delivery.

“During my time in office, I have worked to defend the right to choose in this state,” Chung said. “Efforts to curtail women’s healthcare need to stop. The Court has an opportunity to defend the freedom of doctors across the country to provide this vital healthcare, and I hope they do the right thing.”

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