AURORA, Ill. – State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, joined a nationwide wave of legislators urging the Supreme Court to defend access to mifepristone and other critical reproductive health medications.

“Politicians have no place restricting what a doctor says to their patient, but that hasn’t stopped radical anti-choice activists from attempting to curtail the fundamental right for a person to choose what happens to their body. Unfortunately, they recently achieved another victory in their agenda thanks to the misguided decision by a lower court judge,” Hernandez said. “Now I am joining hundreds of other lawmakers in calling on the United States Supreme Court to step in and preserve the rights of the citizens under its protection.”

Hernandez signed an amicus brief, or a letter of an advisory brief, urging the court to reject right-wing efforts to restrict access to mifepristone, one of only two medications used to safely end pregnancy and treat miscarriage. More than 600 other legislators from 49 states co-signed. Illinois received more legislative signatures than any other state seeking mifepristone’s protection.

“Illinois is-and always will be-a haven for human rights,” Hernandez said. “However, where possible, I feel bound to advocate for the rights of other people who are under the thumb of, in this case, radical anti-choice extremists. These abuses must stop, and I will always be a voice of opposition against such outrageous overreach.”

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