DECATUR, Ill. – Patients will have greater access to needed prosthetic devices under a new law backed by state Rep. Sue Scherer, D-Decatur, requiring insurance companies to cover the costs of medically appropriate devices.

“After a traumatic injury, patients should not have to endure a fight with their insurance just to get what they need to be able to lead a happy, productive life,” said Scherer. “I’m always amazed to see amazing differently abled athletes during events such as the Paralympics, but I’m saddened to think that those athletes’ high-quality prosthetics are often out of reach for everyday Americans.”

Scherer helped pass House Bill 2195, which will require insurance companies to not only cover the costs of prosthetics but cover them to meet the level of quality that is demanded by the activity-levels of the recipient. The intent of the legislation was to better integrate differently abled individuals by ensuring that they will receive access to the quality prospects necessary to engage in demanding activities such as sports, dance and hiking. Disabled children often feel ostracized because of their limitations, and these feelings can lead to adverse outcomes such as emotional turbulence, anger and depression.

“There’s no reason for kids – or anyone – to feel left out because of an injury. This will help people fully participate in our society by breaking down barriers to participate in everyday activities such as sports or preparing food,” said Scherer. “I was appalled to hear that Illinois was letting big insurance companies off the hook when it came to providing good prosthetics. I am proud of this measure, which brings us closer to making sure that Illinois is a leader and very inclusive place no matter what.”

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