AURORA, Ill. – State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, is announcing the Aurora Police Department will receive another grant from the Illinois State Police (ISP) to help enforce Firearms Owners Identification Card Act policies and keep Aurora streets safe.

“Aurorans have already had to endure the tragic consequences of firearms ending up in the wrong hands. This grant from ISP will help our law enforcement professionals prevent that from happening again,” Hernandez said. “A FOID card is only revoked or suspended if a person has been deemed a threat to themselves or others. Those who keep their guns despite that have made it clear they have no regard for our criminal justice system. Giving police officers the tools they need to enforce this vital law will keep Aurorans safer.”

The ISP issued $37,501 to the Aurora Police Department to conduct enforcement operations for people who have had FOID cards revoked or suspended, but have failed to comply with those revokations or suspensions. Enforcement details will focus on people who are the subject of Firearm Restrating Orders, have been deemed to present a Clear and Present danger or who received a criminal conviction, among other reasons.

Aurora police are among 16 other police departments from across the state who received similar grants.

“I have had the privilege of helping pass laws strengthening FOID card enforcement policies to help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, and now I am pleased to see further grants are going towards enforcement of those laws,” Hernandez said. “Aurorans deserve lives free of the dangers of gun violence, and this represents further progress towards that goal.”

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