SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – A measure introduced by state Rep. Nabeela Syed, D-Palatine, which addresses the physical toll taken by organ donation by guaranteeing greater paid leave for donators, recently passed the state legislature with strong bipartisan support.

“As an organ donor, I know from personal experience that organ donations exact a substantial physical toll. This measure will ensure donors can recuperate to the extent they need and deserve,” Syed said. “Too many people suffer from debilitating illnesses or even lose their lives because there are not enough organ donations to fill patients’ needs. By easing the burdens on donators, we will not just help current donors recover, but encourage more people to donate going forward.”

House Bill 3516 guarantees employees of private businesses with 50 or more employees, and every employee of local government, 10 days of paid leave following an organ donation. This bill had the support of the AFL-CIO, the Illinois State Medical Society and the Secretary of State.

Over 100,000 American people are on the current waiting list for a transplant, and an average of 17 lose their lives every day waiting for a donor. However, recent years show a significant rise in the nationwide trend of donations, further driving up the importance of allowing for proper donor recuperation time.

State Sen. Ram Villivalam, D-Chicago, carried this legislation in the Senate.

“We have outstanding residents in Illinois who are ready to give and donate to those in need,” said Villivalam. “When someone goes to donate an organ for a person in need, it is crucial they are able to take time off to recover.”

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