BERWYN, Ill. – The Illinois General Assembly has passed legislation filed by State Representative Abdelnasser Rashid that will increase our knowledge of the potential impact and harm surrounding generative artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing software such as ChatGPT and Bard. HB 3563 passed unanimously and is now before the Governor for consideration.


“With the emergence of new technology, it is imperative that the State of Illinois is in a good position to address any unintended consequences and deter bad actors,” said State Representative Abdelnasser Rashid (D-Bridgeview). “Without any legislative guardrails, this technology can be used for malicious intent like consumer scams, access to sensitive information, and disinformation. Many states are taking preliminary steps to govern uses of AI given the regulatory gap.”


Across the country, state lawmakers are debating how to address the impact of AI technologies. With the passage of HB 3563, Illinois will create the Generative AI and Natural Language Processing Task Force to assemble a group of legislators, technology experts, educators and other stakeholders to provide informed policy recommendations for this type of AI. The task force will specifically look at the impact of the technology on our schools, economy, and civil liberties. Once complete, the task force will submit a report to the General Assembly.


“The proliferation of Generative AI comes with significant risks and is susceptible to malicious use that can harm everyday Illinoians,” said Rep. Rashid. “I look forward to ensuring that Illinois is leading the way in protecting the public from both immediate and long-term risks of this new technology.”


With the rapid emergence of products like ChatGPT, Bard and other artificial intelligence software, the task force will provide guidance to policymakers, educators and the public on how to navigate the disruptions created by AI. HB 3563 passed out of both the House and Senate unanimously and is on its way to Governor Pritzker’s desk.

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