SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Preventative liver screenings and other diagnostics will now be covered by insurers in Illinois under a bill that was championed by state Rep. Hoan Huynh, D-Chicago.

“People throughout our community have made it known that they would like to access liver testing, but they were consistently prevented by the high cost of the diagnostics,” Huynh said. “It is not right that there are people with insurance who cannot get the policy to cover the very medically necessary procedures that they need to lead a good life.”

Huynh’s Senate Bill 1282 addresses rising concerns about the cost of preventative liver screenings, will be vital in detecting forms of cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. Early detection is critical to improving the odds of survival for those affected by both conditions. The bill, sponsored in partnership with Sen. Mike Simmons, now heads to the governor’s desk after receiving bipartisan support in both chambers.

“People shouldn’t have to choose between buying their next meal or their medication,” Huynh said. “Rising costs of healthcare and general inflation are suffocating our working families and seniors. I remain committed to working to find ways to implement real relief for those who need it most.”

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