SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, is working to ban deceptive practices anti-choice groups use to deny women access to reproductive health care.

“Banning deceptive healthcare practices in Illinois is crucial for protecting the rights and wellbeing of marginalized families,” Hernandez said. “Promoting the freedom for people to do their own decision-making when it comes to their healthcare will ensure access to accurate information and promote reliable public health systems while upholding ethical standards within the healthcare system.”

Hernandez is sponsoring Senate Bill 1909, which targets a variety of manipulative and abusive practices used by anti-choice groups to block access to abortion, birth control, or emergency contraception services. So-called “crisis pregnancy centers” often fail to disclose that they do not offer a full range of reproductive health services, and instead give misleading information to patients, and use pressure tactics to keep women from accessing real care. Anti-choice activists even pose as volunteers outside Planned Parenthood centers to direct patients to their own facility that does not offer abortion or contraception services.

“Access to comprehensive reproductive health services is essential for Illinoisans. Banning deceptive practices ensures that individuals are directed to legitimate healthcare providers that can offer comprehensive reproductive healthcare,” Hernandez said. “The goal is to reduce potential health risks and help protect individuals from emotional manipulation. This bill will promote a supportive and empathetic environment for those seeking reproductive healthcare services.”

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