SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Public universities and community colleges will be required to make emergency contraception at a reduced price available under legislation sponsored by state Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora.

“Ensuring widespread access to affordable emergency contraception is one of the most vital steps we can take to secure reproductive rights,” Hernandez said. “At a time in which reproductive rights are increasingly under threat from a tragically-misguided Supreme Court, we must take every action we can to preserve people’s ability to make decisions about their health.”

Hernandez’s Senate Bill 1907 establishes the Public Higher Education Act, which requires public universities and communities colleges to have at least one wellness kiosk available on their campuses. The kiosks must offer emergency contraception at reduced prices, as well as information on the owner of the kiosk and the emergency contraception provided.

SB 1907 has the support of Planned Parenthood Illinois Action and the National Association of Social Workers-Illinois. It recently passed the House Higher Education Committee and will soon be heard on the House floor.

“Radical anti-choice interests are not just attacking the right to choose, they are looking to curtail or even terminate access to safe and affordable contraception,” Hernandez said. “In Illinois, we’re serious about protecting human rights, and passing measures like this are essential to that effort.”

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