CHICAGO – State Rep. Kam Buckner, D-Chicago, is working to pass several measures to make active transportation more accessible and crack down on dangerous driving.

“Regardless of background, every person in our community needs safe, rapid and affordable transportation,” Buckner said. “The unfortunate reality is that many people are denied options based on their incomes and that has to stop. My goal with this legislation is to make our streets safer while opening up opportunities in our underserved communities to take advantage of emerging technologies such as electric bicycles.”

Buckner introduced three bills to ease active transportation and make transit safer:

  • House Bill 3530 will lower the default speed limit from 30mph to 20mph in urban areas, and 15 mph to 10 mph in alleys within those districts;
  • House Bill 3649 will allow bicycle riders to slow to a reasonable speed of 15mph or less without making a complete stop at stop signs; and
  • House Bill 3447 creates rebates for people purchasing electric bikes, with larger rebates for people making less than 100% of the federal poverty limit.

“Electric bikes are a low-cost clean energy option for people who cannot afford cars to travel, but many are prohibitively expensive, especially in underserved communities who most need to take advantage of the cost-reducing benefits they offer,” Buckner said. “When these bills pass, I encourage people to take advantage of tax credits and new regulations that may make alternative transportation options more viable.”

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