WEST CHICAGO, Ill. — Every employee of Illinois will be guaranteed at least five days of paid leave for personal every year use under legislation passed by state Rep. Maura Hirschauer, D-Batavia

“As a working parent, I understand the struggles that follow unexpected illnesses and childcare,” said Hirschauer. “Unfortunately, we live in a society where not all parents can take leave to care for their sick children. That is why I fully back this legislation that allows parents to take off during those unfortunate and unexpected circumstances, and ensures all workers have time to tend to family or personal matters. Requiring that all employees receive paid leave is just one way that we are working to protect Illinois families.”

Hirschauer voted to pass Senate Bill 208, The Paid Leave for All Workers Act, which requires all employers to grant their employees working a minimum of 40 hours a week five days of paid leave per year for personal use. Under this legislation, workers can earn paid leave starting on their first day of employment, which translates to one hour of leave for every 40 hours of work.

Hirschauer’s vote also ensures that employees will be permitted to use their paid leave as soon as the 90th day of employment. However, employers hold the right to allow workers to use paid leave earlier. Paid leave may be used as employees desire to conduct any personal business without providing a reason for the absence or any documentation or certification.

Employers hold the authority to require employees to provide notice before taking paid time off. Up to 40 hours of unused paid leave can be carried over into the following year. However, employers will not be required to cash out the balance of an outgoing employee’s paid leave.

Employers who violate the act would be subjected to penalties, which include fines and compensatory damages for the affected employee.

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