DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – State Rep. Anne Stava-Murray, D-Downers Grove, is marking several important dates in the women’s equality movement this week, noting Wednesday, Nov. 30 as both Choose Women Wednesday and Native Women’s Equal Pay Day, and Thursday, Dec. 1, as National Women Support Women Day.

“Recognizing the ongoing efforts to overcome gender-based discrimination is a crucial part of advancing the cause of female equality in the 21st century,” Stava-Murray said. “I think that pausing to observe these days is important and that’s why I am doing my part to boost these important messages.”

Choose Women Wednesday—Nov. 30—is about promoting women-owned businesses, female authors and filmmakers, female musicians and other creators, as well as female workers, leaders and innovators. The website says that the day is about “helping women everywhere take a step towards shattering every glass ceiling in their way.”

While pay equality for women is sadly lacking across the board, Native American women are impacted disproportionately, earning only 51 cents per dollar compared to non-Hispanic white men, according to Native Women’s Equal Pay Day—also Nov. 30—is intended to raise awareness about this disparity and encourage action to correct it.

Women Support Women Day—Dec. 1—is dedicated to the idea of women coming together to build upon the work and achievements of other women, including previous generations. When women work together, gender-based limitations are much easier to overcome.

“Discrimination against anyone, anywhere, should be called out and addressed,” Stava-Murray said. “However, with that, we must not forget that some groups have suffered, and continue to suffer, more than others. Gender-based discrimination continues to be one of the most stubbornly consistent and widespread forms of bigotry worldwide. And only by stepping up and speaking out can we finally leave it in the rearview mirror and move, at long last, toward a brighter and more equal future.”

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