CHICAGO – As Illinois continues implementation a new system designed to crack down on uninsured drivers who put other drivers, pedestrians and property owners at risk, state Rep. Michael Kelly, D-Chicago, is reminding motorists to make sure their insurance is current and meets minimum standards in order to avoid possible fees and license suspension.

“Secretary of State Jesse White’s office has highlighted the success of electronic verification, which has led to a nearly 50% decrease in the number of uninsured motorists on Illinois roadways,” Kelly said. “Having vehicle liability insurance is the law and that law is now better enforced. So, prevent unnecessary fines and possible suspension and make sure you’re looking out for others by being properly insured.”

The Illinois Insurance Verification System (ILIVS) now allows the Secretary of State to electronically verify required auto insurance coverage. If electronic verification fails, motorists will receive a letter by mail requesting proof of insurance. Failure to respond to this letter with the requested proof can result in added fees and suspension of a vehicle’s license plates. A driver operating a vehicle with suspended plates is also subject to a traffic citation.

Kelly is reminding drivers that having current and adequate insurance is the best way to avoid issues with ILIVS. State law requires all vehicles operated in Illinois to be insured and provide coverage for least $20,000 for property damage, $25,000 related to injury or death of another person, and $50,000 related to injury or death of multiple people. Motorists can find information about Illinois’ mandatory vehicle insurance requirements by calling the Secretary of State’s office at 217-524-4946.

Motorists who receive a letter from ILIVS are cautioned not to visit or call Driver Services, and should instead contact their insurer with the reference number from the letter to obtain either required insurance or to have the insurer verify the insurance with the state.

“This is not just for the protection of other motorists, but for the protection of the insured person as well, as the costs following an accident can be significant without sufficient insurance,” Kelly said. “Being properly insured is the law, it’s the only right thing to do, and it’s the smart thing to do financially.”

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