SKOKIE, Ill. – State Rep. Denyse Wang Stoneback, D-Skokie, issued the following statement regarding the meeting today between White House Senior Staff and legislative leaders of Illinois, California, Delaware, and New York on holding gun manufacturers accountable:

“For years federal law has prevented legal accountability for gun manufacturers that have failed to innovate and make guns safer. Their reckless and irresponsible business practices have contributed to gun deaths and injuries in our communities. They bear a significant measure of responsibility for the epidemic of mass shootings and other gun violence that has plagued the nation from Buffalo to Highland Park to Uvalde, to name just a few.

Today I was delighted to meet with White House staff as well as legislative leaders from other states who have led the way on cracking the gun industry’s broad immunity from legal accountability at the state level. Our discussion resulted in a very productive dialogue. I am happy to see the Biden administration prioritizing the prevention of gun violence, and excited to be among my counterparts as they take major strides in addressing the public safety and public health crisis of gun violence.

In Illinois, in addition to holding gun manufacturers accountable through liability, we have the opportunity to restrict civilian ownership of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, further strengthen  Illinois’ Firearms Restraining Order, improve our FOID system, as well as embrace technologies like microstamping that have great potential to help make our communities safer. The will to take bold action in preventing future tragedies is at an all-time high, and now is the time to seize the initiative.”

Stoneback’s office is reachable at 847-673-1131 or

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