DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – State Representative Anne Stava-Murray, D-Downers Grove, issued the following statement regarding the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX on May 24th, 2022 which has so far led to the deaths of at least 21 people, including 19 children:

“Today, yet again, we find ourselves struggling to come to terms with a tragic mass shooting. My heart is broken for both the families who will never be the same, and for the survivors—most of them only children—who will now be forced to live with the kind of trauma that nobody should ever have to endure. We’ve said it before: enough is enough! Enough deference to the gun lobby. Enough pandering to the NRA. Enough acceptance of insincere, ‘oh-well, we can’t prevent this’ shrugging of the shoulders. Enough moral cowardice. Enough excuses. This doesn’t happen in any other advanced country. We’ve passed gun control laws in Illinois, and we need to continue to protect our kids and our communities from gun violence, but this is a national problem that requires loud demands from everyday people. Leaders should lead but, in Washington, they aren’t. Words aren’t enough. Action is required. And those who will not act should get out of the way.”

For more information on gun control measures recently passed by the General Assembly, call Rep. Stava-Murray at 630-605-0595 or email

Rep. Anne Stava-MurrayRep. Anne Stava-Murray

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