EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – State Rep. LaToya Greenwood, D-East St. Louis, a major advocate for education reform, helped ensure the 2023 budget secured funding for major education programs, including early childhood education, special-needs education and doubling a tax credit for the money teachers spend on classroom materials.

“Education is the key to addressing so many challenges that our community—and our state—is facing right now,” Greenwood said. “Good schools create opportunities, they keep kids off the streets, they foster new ideas and new goals that school be fostered; we should never undervalue that. Looking at the programs that are funded in the budget this year shows you how much Illinois values our kids and high-quality education.”

Greenwood cast her vote in favor of the coming year’s budget, which funds a number of key education initiatives including:

  • A $350 million increase in evidence-based funding for high-need schools;
  • A $96 million increase in grants for special education training for teachers to address some students’ unique requirements;
  • A $54.4 million increase in early childhood education to jumpstart kids’ learning; and
  • Doubling a tax credit for teachers who spend their money on classroom materials.

“This funding is comprehensive, it addresses all aspects of our education needs. Evidenced-based funding will target communities most in-need of financial assistance. Special education grants will lend a hand to kids who require a more targeted learning approach. Early childhood education has been extensively expanded to help kids get started learning from a younger age. Finally, the tax credit our committed teachers get for spending their hard-earned dollars on classroom materials will double. No one is being left out. I was happy to stand up and cast a vote in favor of a budget that so clearly shares my values on the importance of learning.”

Rep. LaToya GreenwoodRep. LaToya Greenwood

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