CHICAGO, Ill – To further encourage minorities, women and persons with disabilities in business, state Rep. Curtis Tarver, D-Chicago, passed a bill that clarifies and strengthens state compliance with the Business Enterprise Program (BEP).

“By utilizing the services of minority-owned businesses for state contracts, we give these businesses the opportunity to grow and prosper, while uplifting the communities that need it most,” said Tarver. “This bill makes it easier to enforce BEP goals so that we can continue to use state funds to support minority-owned businesses.”

House Bill 3220 codifies the term “good faith effort” for the purpose of granting a waiver under the BEP Act. Under the bill, “good faith effort” means that a contractor has taken all necessary steps to comply with the goals provided for under the BEP Act. The bill also provides that BEP shall establish uniform standards for calculating contract-specific BEP goals for all state contracts.

“Defining what a good faith effort looks like standardizes the waiver process for state contractors and ensures they do everything they can to support minority-owned businesses,” said Tarver. “The passage of this bill is another significant step in the state’s effort to increase diversity in its contracts.”

House Bill 3220 passed the House of Representatives and now awaits consideration by the Senate.

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