CHICAGO – As part of her efforts to reduce crime and increase community safety, state Rep. Fran Hurley, D-Chicago, passed a bill that further regulates the sale of tire rims, recyclable metal and catalytic converters.

“I am deeply concerned about the rise in catalytic converter theft and the theft of other car parts and scrap metal,” said Hurley. “Through regulation and documentation, this bill provides common sense measures to curb this illegal behavior and promote vehicle safety.”

House Bill 107 increases the required records for each purchase of a recyclable metal, a catalytic converter or its contents by a recyclable metal dealer. The bill prohibits a recyclable metal dealer to pay cash for a catalytic converter or its contents if it is valued at $100 or more, among other restrictions to crack down on the buying and selling of stolen catalytic converters and scrap metal. The bill also increases representation on the Recyclable Metal Theft Task Force by adding one representative of automotive recyclers and one representative of fleet operators in Illinois.

“Regulating the sale of catalytic converters, tire rims and other scrap metal makes it easier to catch bad actors who cause serious and expensive damage to make a quick buck,” said Hurley. “I’m thankful to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for taking this important step in preventing crime within our communities.”

House Bill 107 passed the House with bipartisan support and now heads to the Senate for consideration.

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