ROCKFORD, Ill. – In order to ensure that state government is focused on addressing the issues facing Illinoisans, state Rep. Dave Vella, D-Rockford, helped pass a comprehensive ethics reform package which was recently signed into law.

“Our community needs state government to be fully committed to lowering property taxes, increasing investments in our small and local businesses, and ensuring our first responders have the resources they need to keep us safe, not finding ways to enrich politicians and political insiders with taxpayer dollars,” said Vella. “Residents deserve to have a government that works solely on their behalf and in their best interest, and this legislation is a major step towards that goal.”

Vella co-sponsored Senate Bill 539, which imposes restrictions and increases oversight on elected officials and political insiders. The bill creates a “revolving door” prohibition by not allowing elected officials from becoming lobbyists until 6 months after their term ends, ends the practice of politicians abusing taxpayer dollars by receiving a full-month salary for less than a full-month’s work and bans political fundraisers on legislative session days. In addition, the legislation also strengthens the Inspector General’s investigative powers and requires additional transparency from lobbyists.

Helping pass the ethics reform package is just one way that Vella is working to make state government work on behalf of taxpayers. To prevent future budget impasses, which cause massive issues for Illinois’ economy and small businesses, Vella backed legislation that would stop state legislators from being paid if they do not pass a budget. He also refused to receive a taxpayer-funded pension and introduced legislation barring legislators from taking a pension.

“It is unacceptable to allow those who are elected to work on behalf of taxpayers to abuse their position and ignore their duties to their constituents,” said Vella. “More must be done to ensure corruption does not take state dollars away from those who need it most, and I will continue to strengthen our laws and make it clear that corruption is not tolerated in Illinois.”

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