AURORA, Ill. – Kids throughout Illinois will be receiving a more comprehensive and up-to-date health education following the efforts of state Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, who has been fighting for better health education since taking office.

“Health curriculums are where education, health care and even public safety meet,” Hernandez said. “A comprehensive knowledge of how to stay safe and healthy will help protect future generations from the dangers of ignorance about their nutrition, hygiene, mental health and sexual health issues they might encounter. I am pleased at some of the progress my colleagues and I have made in previous years, and I will continue to push for our kids to get a more thorough grounding in health education as long as I continue to represent our community.”

Apart from consistently advocating for a complete health education, including nutrition, hygiene, and sexual health, Hernandez has taken numerous legislative actions to further progress on the issue. These include co-sponsoring Senate Bill 818, which revamps education standards in Illinois public schools to include sexual health for publics in grades six through twelve.

She has also made rapid progress working to expand mental health education with her support of House Bill 577, a new law that updates the Illinois State Board of Education’s definition of suicide risk. This measure will better educate school faculty on warning signs for depression and risks suicide.

“As we work to continue to improve education in Illinois, it’s important we don’t neglect our children’s health,” Hernandez said. “I am in favor of robust STEM education, funding for the arts, and generally ensuring every child has a wide-range of opportunities. In pursuit of these goals, let’s not forget how essential health education is as well.”

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