SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – With her recent appointment to the newly created Public Safety and Violence Protection Task Force, state Rep. Mary Flowers, D-Chicago, will help examine the root causes of violence and search for ways to reduce violence without furthering the cycle of incarceration. 

“Constantly incarcerating people in the name of reducing violence has only further disadvantaged people of color,” said Flowers. “I look forward to working with community organizations and fellow members of the task force to help address youth recidivism, and make sure that our young people are not pulled into a cycle of violence and incarceration.”  

Flowers was recently appointed to the newly created Public Safety and Violence Prevention Task Force. The goal of the task force will be to bring together law enforcement, prosecutors, and community organizations to look at the root causes of violence with an emphasis on youth and youth recidivism. Over the past year, Flowers and the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus have achieved significant work on criminal justice reform and measures to address systemic injustice, including eliminating the cash bail system. Flowers has also fought for additional funding to schools in low-income areas and scholarships for minority teachers. 

“If we are going to be serious about reducing violence in Illinois, we need to address the real root causes of violence,” said Flowers. “We need to address the institutional and systematic policies that have segregated communities and kept people in a cycle of incarceration. Our task force can help reduce violence by working with the trade unions to ensure that everyone, including formerly incarcerated individuals, has the opportunity for career training and high-paying jobs.”


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