SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Illinois confirmed its commitment to a clean energy future with the passage of Senate Bill 2408 that was signed Wednesday by Gov. J.B. Pritzker. This historic legislation includes numerous provisions to end Illinois’ reliance on fossil fuels and transition to 100% clean energy by 2050.

“This bill has nation-leading equity provisions, holds utilities accountable, and decarbonizes our energy sector while protecting existing jobs and investing in workforce development to create new ones,” LaPointe said. “Residents of the 19th House District made it clear early on in my term that this was an issue they cared a great deal about, and I am thankful for the leadership changes in the House and Senate that allowed for the passage of this bill.”

LaPointe backed Senate Bill 2408, which would require the eventual closing of all private coal-fired and oil-fired plants by 2030 as part of the state’s path toward 100% clean energy. Municipal plants, including Prairie State, will be required to be 100% carbon free by 2045 with emission reduction guidelines introduced no later than 2035. Municipal natural gas plants that do not achieve zero carbon emissions will be closed by 2045. Private natural gas plants will be expected to close by 2045.

The energy and environment package includes financial support for nuclear plants, ensuring that the Byron and Dresden plants threatened for closure can remain open and jobs protected. It also sets up grant programs and economic incentives to help workers who may be impacted by a fossil fuel plant closure by providing benefits and community assistance.

Consumer protections are a priority in Senate Bill 2408, with new utility ethics reporting guidelines outlined, as well as the elimination of customer deposit requirements and late fees for low-income users among other reforms. The proposal also aims to put more electric vehicles on the road, including a new $4,000 rebate for purchasers of electric vehicles.

LaPointe will be hosting a virtual Environmental Town Hall discussion along with Senator Martwick on September 29th from 6:00pm-7:15pm. Residents can RSVP by emailing jessica@replapointe.com or calling 773-647-1174.

For more information, please contact jessica@replapointe.com.

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