SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Following session where the Illinois House of Representatives passed a Clean Energy reform package making Illinois a national leader in renewable energy, the Illinois House Democratic Women’s Caucus released the following statement: 

“Through passing this comprehensive and collaborative energy bill, Illinois has become a national model on how to address the critical issue of climate change while also protecting and creating thousands of good-paying jobs and ensuring our black and brown communities are prioritized,” said state Rep. Camille Lilly, Chair of the Illinois House Democratic Women’s Caucus. “This bill couldn’t have been possible without the years of rigorous and unwavering efforts of several of our own Women’s Caucus members in collaboration with labor unions, environmental groups and community stakeholders.” continued Lilly. 

“Through this legislation, Illinois will be 100% carbon-free by 2045 and puts Illinois on the path to a brighter, more green future,” said Leader Gabel. “Since beginning work on a clean energy bill several years ago, I have wanted to ensure that this legislation would maintain a strong commitment to green energy while also protecting our most vulnerable communities and supporting labor. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Leader Evans and Speaker Welch who helped propel this legislation through the last few hurdles and ensure we pass a bill that represents all interests.”

“This is a comprehensive, nation-leading climate bill that will put Illinois communities and consumers first. It is the result of a collaborative effort between legislators and stakeholders, advocates, community activists, youth leaders – all heavily invested in working toward a clean, healthy and safe environment for our future,” said state Rep. Ann Williams. “ I am grateful for the hard work of all those who invested so much time and energy to get this important work done, especially my colleagues in the Women’s Caucus who were committed to this effort from the beginning.”

“While we work to make Illinois a green energy state, we also cannot forget the workers who will be impacted by this transition and ensure that while we progress in green technology, workers will have job security,” said state Rep. Katie Stuart. “This piece of legislation has been several years in the making, but was made possible due to the work done in large part by Rep. Williams, Leader Gabel, and the tireless efforts of environmental advocates within the Women’s Caucus.”

“This legislation will ensure our workforce in Illinois will not only grow in population but also diversity,” said Leader LaToya Greenwood. “$180 million dollars will go directly to support workforce development and prioritize equity and diversity in our green energy economy. This bill will ensure all communities in Illinois, regardless of location,  will be prioritized. 

“Today marks a new green day for Illinois and the rest of the Nation,” added state Rep Anna Moeller. “As a state, we made a bipartisan effort to show the world that we prioritize the environment and our labor force. This is a time for the rest of the United States to look at our legislation and move forward to start their own comprehensive plans to ensure we will have a green, healthy planet for generations to come.”

“While the passage of this legislation was not easy, this is something we can all be proud of,” said state Rep. Eva-Dina Delgado. “I cannot express gratitude enough to the trail-blazing women of our Caucus who pushed this legislation forward and to the forefront of the General Assembly. When we work together, we can accomplish anything.” 

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