BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. – In response to backup and clogging issues in a local municipality’s sewer system, state Rep. Daniel Didech, D-Buffalo Grove, introduced legislation that was signed into law today requiring non-flushable products to be properly labeled as “Do Not Flush” on their packaging.

“Last year, I learned that the Village of Buffalo Grove was experiencing serious issues of clogging in their sewer pumps as residents were flushing items like baby wipes and paper towels down their toilets that created blockage and build up in the sewer system,” Didech said. “It came to my attention, that many products are mislabeled as being flushable, when in reality they are not broken down and flushed properly in our toilets and sewers.”

Didech’s SB 294 creates the Wipes Labeling Act and requires manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers to clearly label and include a “Do Not Flush” notice on packaging of disposable pre-moistened wipe products in Illinois. Products covered in this new law include items such as baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, feminine hygiene wipes, make up removal wipes and other non-flushable disposable products. Entities responsible for labeling the products who violate this new act will be subject to a civil penalty if they do not become compliant within 90-days of being notified. Gov. Pritzker signed SB 294 into law on Friday.

“Thank you to Governor Pritzker for signing the Wipes Labeling Act. This Act was initiated by the Village of Buffalo Grove’s Facebook post that our sewer pumps were becoming clogged from wipes that were being flushed down the toilet,” said Buffalo Grove Village President Beverly Sussman. “This is a very important and necessary bill. It’s not just about wipes. It’s about honesty and integrity in advertising. Thank you to Representative Didech for his part in getting this bill passed.”

“This legislation clearly defines what types of products cannot be flushed down toilets and ensures that manufacturers and retailers are not mislabeling their products to consumers,” Didech said. “It is my hope that this new law will make it clear to consumers that certain items should not be flushed in the toilet and it will prevent future instances of backup in sewer systems. I was proud to work with Senator Cristina Castro on this important issue and I thank Governor Pritzker for signing this bill into law today.”

Residents who want to share their thoughts or seek assistance with state issues can reach Didech at 847-478-9909 or by email at Info@repdidech.com.

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