SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Committing to her promise to crack down on corruption in state government, state Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, supported a robust ethics reform package this past Spring session, having received overwhelming bipartisan support.

“Since coming into office, I have made a commitment to the people that I represent in the 83rd district to fight for comprehensive ethics reform in Illinois,” said Hernandez. “I know and agree with many Illinois residents that we must put an end to the decade’s long trend of corruption and bad actors benefiting at the hands of hard-working Illinoisans, which is why I was pleased to support this ethics reform package that will move our state forward with meaningful efforts to restore trust in state government.”

Hernandez supported Senate Bill 539, an ethics reform package that passed both the House and Senate. The package limits revolving door policies that previously allowed legislators and government staff members to become lobbyists, bans elected officials from lobbying their own unit of government and expands lobbyist transparency to address corruption that occurred in the red light camera industry. It further limits fundraising activity around General Assembly session dates, and, among other provisions, severely limits the political contributions and activities of members of the State Board of Elections.

“While we will not be able to end corruption overnight, this measure is a good first step in closing the loopholes that have allowed bad actors to take advantage of Illinois taxpayers for far too long,” said Hernandez. “There is still a lot of work to do on this serious issue, and I am committed to working with my colleagues, stakeholders and local residents to continue these efforts to root out corruption and increase transparency in Illinois.”

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