SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Following Wednesday’s passage of a proposal to create an elected Chicago Public Schools board, state Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, D-Chicago, is encouraging the use of a task force to ensure that the voices of students, parents and teachers are properly heard as the new system is implemented.

“Our students deserve to have an elected school board, which is something that Mayor Lightfoot and I were in agreement on as candidates,” Ford said. “The people have spoken, and it’s time that we move forward with instituting an elected school board that can more effectively respond to the needs of our students.  But as we do so, we should continue to listen to feedback and use follow up legislation as needed to ensure a smooth transition.”

Anticipating a “trailer bill” may be used to guide the implementation of the elected school board, Ford is encouraging the use of a task force that could provide recommendations before the first board elections. Ford is pointing to a previous task force he helped create in 2014 (House Bill 1152, 98th General Assembly) that included members from Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Board of Education, the Chicago Teachers Union, the General Assembly, and representatives from principals and students. A new version of this task force would be created through Ford’s House Bill 1165.

“We need to have an honest conversation on implementation, and such a task force could help bring everyone to the table to make positive recommendations,” Ford said. “This elected school board will be making decisions on day one that will shape the future of our community. After years of intense debate on the subject, we need to put politics aside and work together on our shared goal of creating the best education system possible for our children.”

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