SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Aarón Ortíz, D-Chicago, has worked to pass legislation that will protect immigrants from detainment, issue urgent housing assistance, and provide students K-5 with time dedicated for recreational activities during school.

“Making sure that immigrants and refugees have the option to come to the United States for a better life without being discriminated against and chastised will always be a priority of mine,” said Ortíz. “Due to the last president’s administration, we have regressed as a country in providing equality to all minorities and have made it nearly impossible to allow immigrants to become legal citizens.”

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ortíz supported House Bill 2877, which will provide $564 million in monetary relief for Illinois citizens. The funds will come from the federal emergency rental assistance program (ERAP) on behalf of Illinois tenants to landlords. Ultimately, this legislation will help individuals and families suffering from COVID-19 financial hardships.

“This pandemic has had a monumental effect around the entire world and has gravely affected the health and livelihood of so many hard-working citizens that are providers for their families,” said Ortíz. “Our citizens need to know that state legislators truly have their best interests at heart and are trying to provide assistance to get them back on their feet. When human beings are struggling to survive in our country, it calls for urgent and immediate action.”

Additionally, Ortíz passed Senate Bill 654, which introduces new regulations regarding school recess for children grades K-5. This legislation requires a mandatory playtime of at least thirty minutes on any school day that is five hours or longer. On school days shorter than five hours, the recess time will be reduced by one-tenth of the duration of the respective school day.

“As we slowly return to normalcy again after this historical pandemic, it is important to let children be children and participate in activities,” said Ortíz. “Remote learning undoubtedly has its benefits, but children need interaction amongst their peers for the development of social skills.”

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