SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Following a lame duck session that highlighted the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’ agenda to end police brutality and provide resources to the black community, state Rep. Curtis J. Tarver II, D-Chicago, was sworn into a new term where he will continue his fight for equality for minority communities. He issued the following statement at the beginning of the 102nd General Assembly:

“The events throughout the last year have unfortunately demonstrated that systemic racism is a serious problem in our country and that black people are not provided fair opportunities to thrive. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the other victims of police brutality can no longer be tolerated by the people of our communities, and every leader in the General Assembly has a responsibility to every single one of these victims to develop real solutions to the injustices of the world.

“The black community and our allies have demonstrated that we will no longer tolerate discrimination and racism. We must invest in black-owned businesses, ensure that students have access to affordable education, and fight against those who are more focused on maintaining the status quo than protecting people from the violence that plagues our communities.

“As demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic, black communities are not provided with the same resources to healthcare and other essential services that keep people healthy and well. By fundamentally changing how we invest in state services and holding bad actors accountable, we can ensure that people of color are provided with opportunities that white supremacy and racism have aimed to prevent for far too long.

“No matter what, I will continue my fight for the black community and other individuals who have been discriminated against for no other reason than what they look like. I look forward to working with my colleagues so that the injustices done to our communities can begin to be repaired and we can move forward as a unified state, country and world.”

Rep. Curtis TarverRep. Curtis Tarver

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