CHICAGO – In response to a Jefferson County grand jury’s decision to indict just one of the officers involved with the murder of Breonna Taylor with three felony counts of wanton endangerment for shooting into adjacent apartments, state Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, issued the following statement:

“My heart goes out to the friends, family, and loved ones of Breonna Taylor, who have had to endure not only the pain of losing someone they love but also seeing her killers walk free. There are no words that can fully capture the grief and frustration that they must feel. Breonna Taylor’s death was senseless, and she should be with us today.

“Her murder and failure to bring charges against those responsible are once again bringing attention to the state-sanctioned violence and injustices that have plagued the Black community throughout our nation’s history. I know that our community is hurting and in pain from the continued miscarriage of justice that affects Black people every day. We must turn this pain into power by continuing to organize and demand the equal treatment of Black lives.

“As an emergency medical technician, Breonna was dedicated to helping her community and caring for others. To honor her legacy, we must continue to take care of other as we make our voices heard to demand justice for her murder. This past summer, we have seen countless individuals from all sorts of backgrounds rise up to join us in the centuries-long fight for the recognition of Black people’s humanity. Now is not the time for division and mistrust, instead we must build on this moment and approach each other with unity in our spirits and empathy in our hearts. Much work remains to be done in our fight for equality and justice, but here in Illinois we will continue to move forward with our Black Agenda and promote policies that protect Black lives and prevent tragedies like this from happening.”

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