BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. – As the weather gets warmer, state Rep. Diane Pappas, D-Itasca, is encouraging residents to be up-to-date about how to enjoy the summer safely.

“Summer is a great time for everyone to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, but this year poses challenges due to social distancing and mask requirements,” said Pappas. “In addition to being aware of COVID-19 precautions, people should also be mindful of other summertime risks. Whether it’s knowing how to handle extreme heat, what to do in the event of a thunderstorm, or how to exercise safety around pools and other bodies of water, everyone should take the steps necessary to enjoy the nice weather safely.”

Pappas is reminding residents of the different safety precautions that should be taken when out in the summer heat. With the rising temperatures come several different concerns that residents should take into account. It’s important to know the symptoms of heat-related illnesses, i.e., heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and be sure to drink plenty of water and take extra breaks. Symptoms of heat stroke include a body temperature of 103 degrees, flushed skin, dry and hot skin, rapid breathing, convulsions or unresponsiveness, or an altered mental status. If someone is suffering from heat stroke, immediately call 911 and cool the person down by removing unnecessary articles of clothing, moving the individual to a cool place and immersing them in water (or covering them with cold, wet towels if immersion is not available). Alcohol can make heat exhaustion and heat stroke worse, so make sure to drink responsibly on very hot days.

Additionally, Pappas is encouraging residents to be aware of water safety tips, whether in a pool or on a boat, especially if there are small children around. She also wants residents to be aware of bug safety and the different illnesses that mosquitos and ticks can cause, such as the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus and Lyme disease. And she’s reminding residents to be mindful of summer thunderstorms and remember the motto: “When the thunder roars, go indoors!” Pappas knows that the summer provides the opportunity to be active and healthy, but wants everyone to be aware of the risks that come with being outside.

“Staying active and spending time in the sun is a great option for everyone this year, but there are many different risks that could be fatal if people do not take the necessary precautions,” said Pappas. “By educating yourself about the different dangers that exist before you head outside, we can all have a safe and happy summer!”

For more information on beating the summer heat, residents can visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) website at

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