CHICAGO – Continuing in her efforts to advocate for individuals with special needs, state Rep. Lindsey LaPointe, D-Chicago, filed a package of legislation to make educational opportunities more accessible to students with intellectual disabilities.

“While representing our community in Springfield, I have made it a top priority to serve as a voice for those who face extra challenges and are often underrepresented,” LaPointe said. “Individuals with special needs deserve the same access to opportunities for success and I’m committed to doing my part to help create a better path for these individuals to reach their highest potential in the classroom and in the workforce.”

LaPointe is sponsoring a package of legislation to help remove barriers that make it harder for individuals with disabilities to reach their fullest potential in their education and careers. House Bill 5134 expands the Dual Credit Act for higher education to include certificate attainment for students with intellectual disabilities and House Bill 5238 changes the Illinois Articulation Initiative to be more accessible to students with intellectual disabilities. Both measures aim to improve opportunities for individuals with special needs through increased access to community college courses, vocational training, and continuing education. LaPointe is committed to working with advocates and interest groups on these initiatives as they move through the legislative process to create comprehensive laws for individuals with special needs.

“Throughout my career as a social worker I have had countless conversations with children with disabilities and their families who are desperate for a chance to prove themselves, to show that even if they learn in a different way and at a different pace, they can still succeed,” LaPointe said. “These proposals embrace those opportunities, creating a path for our friends and family members with special needs to live the lives they’ve always wanted. I have pledged to be a strong voice for those who are misunderstood or ignored, and that work starts with these legislative ideas I’ve filed.”

For more information about pending legislation or state services, please contact LaPointe’s constituent service office at 773-647-1174 or email

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