SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – In response to recent instances of corruption and resignations in the state legislature, state Rep. Diane Pappas, D-Itasca, is putting her support behind a crackdown on overpaying legislators who resign mid-term, yet still collect a paycheck for the remainder of the month.

“My priority as a representative is working on behalf of our community and Illinois taxpayers. The fact that a lawmaker can resign on the first of the month and collect a paycheck for the full month is a waste of public dollars and abuse of the public trust,” Pappas said. “In the real world, no one gets paid for days they don’t work, and the same should be true for elected officials. That is not fair to hard-working Illinoisans who trust us to use their tax dollars to build a stronger Illinois. The legislation I am co-sponsoring will end that practice.”

Continuing her track record of working for greater government accountability and transparency, Pappas has backed House Bill 4131, which would end the practice of paying public officials for the entirety of the last month they worked. Currently, for instance, if a lawmaker resigned on Feb 1, they would still get paid for the entire month of February. Pappas previously introduced legislation to eliminate pensions for state legislators.

“Whether we’re combating wage discrimination between men and women, raising the salaries of Illinois’ teachers or working to bring high-paying jobs back to Illinois, ensuring everyone in our community is paid fairly is something I will fight for,” Pappas said. “What I can’t support is giving handouts to politicians who have already left their jobs. Average workers aren’t still getting paid weeks after they’ve stopped working, and lawmakers shouldn’t have special treatment. There is a long way to go until we fully get rid of all the unfair privileges some public officials are taking advantage of, but this legislation is a step in the right direction.”

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