OTTAWA – State Rep. Lance Yednock, D-Ottawa, introduced legislation on Thursday that would protect the rights of all workers in Illinois to collectively bargain for higher wages and better working conditions. Yednock’s legislation also prevents future measures from being passed that would interfere with the ability of workers to join together and form a union.

“While Illinois workers are still recovering after four years of assaults on their wages, benefits, and other protections, it’s important that we continue efforts to protect workers and families across Illinois,” said Yednock. “This amendment will make it clear in the Illinois state constitution that anyone in the state of Illinois has the right to join together and collectively bargain for their rights, both in the private and public sector, and it will stop any attempt by politicians to interfere with that ability and process.”

Former governor Bruce Rauner took aim at union families across Illinois by backing ‘right-to-work’ zones in Illinois during his administration from 2015 to 2019. The current Constitutional Amendment sponsored by Yednock would preserve the right to organize and bargain for all employees, whether in the public or private sector and prohibit any law being passed that would restrict or interfere with the ability of workers joining to bargain over wages, hours, benefits and other terms of employment. House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 37 would prevent ‘Right-to-work’ where big corporations are able to influence extreme politicians with misinformation. Under Yednock’s measure, Illinois’ support for all workers would become law and thus ensure that safety standards, job training, and take-home pay would be preserved from partisan politics today and in the future.

“Middle-class families are almost always on the defensive against extreme politicians,” said Yednock. “This legislation allows for workers to go on the offensive so we can tell both today and tomorrow’s politicians that our wages, safety standards, and training practices aren’t a political football to be played with. My goal is to always stand up for the working people of the Illinois Valley and across our entire state. This resolution makes it clear to corporations that here in Illinois, we value workers and their families over giant corporations and their off-shore profits.”

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